A Multi-Disciplined Approach to

Performing Better is What it’s All About


Master the U Perform Better method of comprehensive assessment which includes outwardly visible as well as internal evaluation processes.


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Though we highly recommend attending an in-person seminar, we understand that’s not always possible. Therefore, we also offer comprehensive online training programs.


For over 15 years, U Perform Better Institute has been propelling people forward through a unique, multi-disciplined approach to improving physical performance. Because optimum physicality is dependent upon myriad factors ranging from mind to muscle, each client undergoes a systematic and comprehensive assessment which provides the foundation for a personal rehabilitation or performance program.

Now, trainers, therapists, doctors, instructors and other health and fitness professionals can master the methods that have made taken U Perform Better to the top of its field. U Perform Better Institute provides training and support so you, too, can help your clients achieve better health, alleviate pain, change body composition and improve athletic performance.



Mike Hoban is a strength and conditioning coach with 20 plus years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.


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Client Testimonials on How We Helped Them Perform Better

The tape helped, along with the exercises. My personal best in the 5K prior was 17:20. Today I ran 17:00, and felt really good!

Gerritt Livingston

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